Interactive iOS notifications

24me enhances the notifications it presents on the home screen of your device. It does so by allowing you to get more details right from within the notification, and to choose quick actions from the notification itself without having to open the app.

When you receive a notification from 24me you can force touch or slide it to expand it and view a quick view relevant for the notification. The quick view will show you the schedule for the day of the notification so you can see the other items you have set for that day.

On the quick view for the notification, 24me adds several action items relevant for the notification:

  1. Snooze -  snooze a reminder for an item..
  2. Complete - this option is presented for tasks and allows you to complete the item.


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    This is great.
    However, when I snooze a meeting notification, I do not receive the notification again?
    Also, is the snooze duration configurable and where can I do this?
    Thank you.


    [Answer by 24me] The Snooze time is automatically determined based on the time left to the event.


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