24me allows users to share events, tasks and notes with other users.

  1. Event invitations:
    • You can invite other people to events. This is done on the Invite tab of events. You can tap on the text box on the tab and choose which contacts to add as participants. Once you hit the Done button to save the event, an invitation is sent to the participants.
    • For participants, event invitations appear on the notification center where they can choose how to respond. They can Accept, Decline, or send Maybe as a response. Invitations are also listed on the calendar as pending events with a dashed line. When tapping to open those pending events, the same response options appear.
  2.  Sharing tasks:
    • Tasks can be shared with other people. Once shared, the task is synced real time between the shared group.
    • To share a task, go to the Group tab of the task and add the people to share it with. Those people will receive a notification about this:
      1. People who still don’t use 24me will get an email with the details of the task. They can then install 24me and see the full details inside.\
      2. People who already use 24me will get a push notification about the new shared task. Next time they open 24me, they will have a new notification waiting for them in the Notification Center in the following format “Incoming task from John”. They can then choose whether to accept or decline the incoming shared task. Once accepted, the task is removed from the Notification center and added to the main screen next to all other tasks. It also behaves as a regular task with all available functionalities other than the fact that any change to the task, done by anyone from the group, is synced to all other group members.


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