Item Properties

Items have multiple properties such as time, location, etc.. Item properties can be set during the process of adding a new item and/or when editing existing items.

When tapping on any item, it opens with a details view. That view provides access both to its properties, and also to several actions you take in regards to the item:

  1. Remove (events only) - tap the Remove button to remove events from the calendar.
  2. Archive (tasks and notes only) - archive the item. It will disappear from the screen and will be listed under the Removed Items screen.
  3. Complete (tasks and notes only) - completes and item on the screen. This is equivalent to swiping on an item.
  4. Duplicate (events only) - create a duplicate instance of the event with the same parameters. Once tapping on the Duplicate button you can base the new instance on the original event, change any parameter you’d like (such as the date) and then save the new item by tapping on the Duplicate button.Duplicate_Events.png
  5. Main action button - several action button are available on the item in depending on its type and state. Special tasks for example show an action button for Calling, Texting, Emailing etc. See special item types. Events with a location will show a Go button that allows you to navigate to the location of the event.

Properties which are the same for all items

Location Tab

You can set the location of the item. When you type the address, 24me will auto suggest relevant addresses that you can choose from. Once an address is set on the event, you can navigate to it with a tap of a button using the Go button positioned on top of the item. You can also choose which navigation app to use under Settings. See Location Services for more information.

The location tab can also store conference call information for quick access to the call. 

See Single touch conference call dialing



Properties unique for Events

Time Tab

  1. Set start date and time and finish date and time. When double tapping on the date/time picker, it will toggle between two modes - every 5 minutes and every 1 minute intervals.
  2. Set reminders with one or two alert times.
  3. Set repeat info. You can choose from one of the presets -  every day, week, month, or year, Tap on the Custom button to choose more detailed rules such as every 3 months. Once you do that you can also choose the end date for the recurrence.


Invite Tab

  1. Invite others to the event. The invitees will receive an email invitation which they can accept or decline.
  2. Once you have participants added to the event, 24me will add a Send all button on top of the event. This button allows you to send an email to all participants at one time.

Calendars Tab

  1. Choose which calendar account the event is saved to out of the calendar’s connected on your device.


  1. You can add one note for each event to further describe the event.


Properties unique for Tasks and Notes

Time Tab

  1. Set end date and time for the task. It is possible to only set a date without a time making the task an all-day task. You can also leave the task without a date and a time, at which point the task becomes a Someday Task. See Someday Tasks for more details.
  2. Set reminders with one or two alert times.
  3. (Premium feature) Set nagging on the task reminders. Nagging makes sure that reminders keep popping every one minute or one hour until you launch the app
  4. Set the task to repeat, either daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, weekdays or weekends.

Group Tab

    1. Add participants to share the ask with. Shared participants are synced real time with changes to the task and can make edits themselves. For more details see Sharing.

Label Tab

    1. The Labels tab allows you to assign a label to your task. Tasks can then be grouped by their label on the Tasks screen. You can add new labels to the list of labels using the text box at the top of the tab. You can also drag and drop labels on the list to control their order. The same sorting order of labels is used on the Tasks screen. You can edit the labels by tapping on the edit button next to each label. That will allow you to rename them and also to choose a color for the label. The same color will be used on the main screen of the app. See Calendar or Tasks for more details.

Notes / Canvas

The Notes or Canvas screen differs between tasks and notes items.

    1. Tasks: Add notes, or subtasks to further describe the tasks. By tapping on the camera icon on the Notes tab, you can add photo notes either by taking a new picture using the camera, or by selecting an existing one from the gallery. You can tap on any photo note under the Notes screen to open it for viewing. Notes can be dragged and dropped to control their order. Tap on the edit button next to each note to change their text.
    2. Notes: You can enter the content of your note in the Canvas tab which is the main tab of Notes. You can add text, photos and video and use editing tools to choose the color of the text, its alignment direction, and multiple other properties.


  • Avatar
    Jennifer Ward

    Is there a way to set a task to repeat every 2 weeks?  I found custom on the reminder section but not on the repeat section.

  • Avatar
    Jeremy Lindsey

    For tasks - this is on our roadmap. It's already supported for events.

  • Avatar
    Tanushree Layek

    Can’t strike through the tasks which was possible earlier for saved tasks in list view of calendar. Please help me with it.

    Answer by 24me: please write to us - with the details of the problem and we will be happy to assist.

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