Syncing between devices

To sync tasks and notes across devices you simply need to be on the same account on both devices.

To sync events you first need to add the same calendar accounts (Google, Yahoo, ...) under iOS Settings app > Accounts & Passwords. Then both devices will be synced with the same events. Then you need to make sure you associate your new events with your online calendar account (Google, Yahoo,...) so 24me can sync those events. You can see which calendar is chosen for each event by tapping on the event and going to the Calendars tab. There you can see all your calendars and tap on the one you want to use. You can also go to Settings > Visible Calendar to hide unneeded calendars and change the calendar details that will be automatically be associated with any new event you add in 24me.


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    Lori H

    Is it possible to sync with Mac OS? Can 24me sync iOS/MacOS shared calendars? Thank you.

    Answer: Yes. iOS/MacOS shared calendars are automatically listed.

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    Tom Galusha

    None of my pictures added to Task or Notes sync. Any thoughts?

    Answer: Syncing photos between devices is something we plan to add.

    OK, but I bet you won’t. 

    Answer: Syncing photos has been added about a year ago.


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    Tom Galusha

    Notice answer above that “syncing photos between devices is coming in one of the next updates”. Well that is a big lie. They have no intention of fixing this syncing issue. Every other app can sync photos but 24me. Their development team must not have ability to fix basic flaws in their software. Why would this not be a priority?

    I guess no one that works at 24me owns more than one device. Ridiculous.

    Answer: Syncing photos is now supported.

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    K Ren

    I can put events in on my 24me app with my IPad but will not sync with 24me app on my iPhone. Both are connected to the same account

    Answer: This is typically the case when you add the event to a calendar account which is not added on the other device. You can check which calendar account is selected for the event by tapping on the event, and going to its Calendars tab.

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