I forgot my password and can’t login to my account

To reset your password, go to the Login screen > Email, and click on the Forgot Password link on that screen.


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    Özlem Uğur

    I’m having trouble to reset my password, what do i mean with that, I had login this application with my apple id, when the applications ask informations, I usually do not prefer to give my mail address. So I know that i did not give my mail address. I bought premium feature as well. After sometime when I’ve opened the application, there is a notification that I’m guest. there is not any login options via apple id in the login page, so I can not login, I can not reset my password because i did not give my mail adress to your application.
    Could you help me please, at least i really want to use this application this year.

    24me response:

    It sounds like you didn't sign up to an account before and that is the reason for why the app shows you as a Guest. Feel free to sign up with an email, or you can keep using the app as a Guest, although it's not recommended. You can contact our support team at any time -

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