General Section

    1. Profile - open the profile screen and configure your profile including your profile picture and address.
    2. Password lock (Premium version) - Turn password lock on or off.
    3. Sound effects - Turn sound effects on or off. Sound effects include the sounds played when swiping to complete an item, deleting an item, and when opening and item.
    4. Show app badge - the app badge (the red circle on top of apps), can be configured to show different types of information:
      • number of notifications - same number which is displayed on the notification center icon on the top bar.
      • Today’s date - for example: 22 to represent that today is the 22nd of the month.
      • Tasks for today - the number of tasks you have for today.
      • No badge - never show a badge.
    5. Temperature units - choose between fahrenheit or celsius.
    6. Reminder sound - select what sound you want to hear when 24me displays a notification.
    7. Languages - select the app language and speech recognition language.24meLanguages.gif
    8. Customizations (Premium version) - Select the font size and weight that you want.


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