Other Screens


The following are the options available on the Menu:

  1. Get Premium - opens the 24me Premium screen from which you can subscribe to the Pro. See 24me Premium for more details.
  2. My Links -  lists the possible links that are connected to 24me to help you stay organized and manage your everyday life from social networks to financials from one place. 
  3. Smart Alerts - a screen that allows you to configure the settings of Smart Alerts in 24me. See Smart Alerts for details. 
  4. Settings - configure general settings of 24me. For more details see The Settings Screen.

    • Removed Items - Lists all your archived tasks and notes. See below for details.

    • Tutorials - lists multiple videos about how to use 24me.

    • Support - Allows you to send an email reporting a bug or to share a suggestion.

    • Rate 24me - a direct link to the the app store so you can write a review and rate 24me.

    • Spread The Love - Allows you to invite friends to 24me to help them be productive with their time.


Removed Items

  1. The Removed Items screen lists all your archived tasks and notes.
  2. By tapping on the ‘Clear all’ button, you can clear all items and they will be removed forever with no way to restore them.
  3. By swiping on items on the screen, you restore and bring them back to the main screen.


 My Links

The My Links screen lists all external and internal links to other sources:

  1. Social Networks: 24me support connecting to Facebook. This link allows an easy sign in to your 24me accounts. Also 24me is able to sync birthdays of your Facebook friends although due to a Facebook limitation, this option is only available for your Facebook friends who also use 24me.
  2. Financials and Service Providers: enter your accounts to be stored inside 24me. Optionally, you can add a monthly recurring tasks related to those accounts by choosing a date and setting the task button on the link screen to Yes. You can also set a URL for that link. When doing so, the task that is created will have a Pay button which opens the link you add.
  3. My iPhone: this section lists the internal links 24me can establish with your device:
    1. Once a link is established, there is a bidirectional sync between reminders in the Reminders app to 24me tasks.
    2. If you unlink from the Reminders app, reminders already synced will not be removed from 24me.
    3. Because of the more limited functionality of the Reminders app, completed tasks in 24me are NOT marked as completed in the Reminders app. Only once a task is archived in 24me does it marked as completed in the Reminders app (Completed in the Reminders app = archived in 24me.
    1. Calendar: establish a full sync with the iOS calendar.
    2. Contacts: allows multiple advanced features in 24me such as adding Call, Text, and Email tasks. It also allows to invite to meetings and to share tasks with your contacts.
    3. Reminders app: an optional link that allows you to establish a full sync between the Reminders app to 24me:
    4. Location: allows 24me to provide weather notifications and traffic alerts.


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