Main Screens

The main screens of 24me are: Calendar screen, Tasks screen, Notes screen, and the Notifications center.

Commonalities between the different screens

  1. 24me supports swiping on items in many places to complete or remove them.
  2. Drag and drop is also supported on most of the screens as a method of repositioning items.
  3. Many of the screens show action items next to tasks which one can tap to perform an action.
  4. On many of the screens, next to tasks, there are small indicators about the item:
    1. A clock symbol will appear on the left side of items if they are overdue.
    2. A note symbol will appear on the right side of items if there are notes on the item.
    3. A share icon is added to the right side of items if they were shared or sent as an invitation to other people.

A repeat icon is added to the right side of items if they have recurrence.



  1. The calendar lists all types of items: Events, Tasks, Notes.
  2. Items contain different backgrounds: Events have a solid background. The color of the background is taken from the calendar account associated with the event (see the Item Properties section for more details). Tasks and notes have a white background and a colored contour based on the color of their label.
  3. To make sure you don’t forget about your late tasks, past due tasks are listed under their original date and also under today. When tasks are archived from under today or a future date, they will disappear. Tasks will be listed again under their original date, once that date is in the past, to allow you to go back to past dates and see which tasks were there originally.

Calendar Views:

  1. Month view: shows upcoming items over the next month. Scroll up and down to see different months. If location access is enabled, a weather forecast icon is displayed next to the date of each date.month.jpg
  2. Week view: shows your items over the current week with weather information on each day. Scroll right and left to view past and future weeks.week_Landscape.jpg
  3. 3-days view: shows your upcoming items in addition to notes if you have any over the following 3 days. Scroll right and left to see past and future dates. Weather information is shown on each day when available.
  4. Day view: shows all items for the current day sorted by their time. This view has a dates bar at the top of the screen allowing you to dynamically scroll through the dates. Pull the dates bar down to expand it into a full month view of dates, allowing you to click on different days to see items for that day. On the timeline part of the screen you can scroll right and left to go to past and future dates.
  5. List view shows a list of your items in a list format. The time of each item is listed next to the item on the list. Tasks on the List view have some unique features: overdue tasks have their due date displayed using a red color to indicate they are late. Also tasks that are assigned a label, will have their label displayed next to them under their due time. It uses the same expandable dates bar which is displayed on the Day view.

The list view can show photos from the calendar gallery screen. A small white button is presented on each of the photos to allow access to the calendar gallery screen. That screen is also accessible from Settings.







  1. The tasks screen only contains tasks and is dedicated to viewing your tasks alone in a concise view.
  2. It lists all tasks and can be sorted by label or time.
    • Label view - tasks are grouped based on their label. You can select a label for each task under its properties tab. For more details see Item Properties. The order of the label groups on the screen is determined by the order of the labels on the Labels tab of any task. Labels under the Labels tab can be sorted using drag and drop. Changing the order of labels there will affect the order of the Labels groups on the Tasks screen. The labels name will use the same color assigned to the labels under the Labels tab.
    • Time view - tasks are grouped based on their due date - today, tomorrow, rest of the week, or later.  
  3. Tasks roll over to today in case they are not completed. Late tasks have a clock indicator on their left side to to identify them as overdue.
  4. To complete a task, swipe on it. Then an archive button will appear. Tapping on the archive button makes the task disappear from the screen.
  5. Tasks can be dragged and dropped on the task screen. Dragged tasks will get a new due date based on their adjacent tasks after the move.
  6. A weather symbol and temperature appear in time view opposite the date.


Someday tasks

  1. Someday tasks are those without a due date. They are grouped under the Someday Tasks group which acts as a regular task on the Tasks screen.
  2. When tapping on the Someday Tasks group it will open the Someday tasks screen, listing all the someday tasks.
  3. The Someday tasks group appears on both the tasks and calendar screen.
  4. You can drag and drop the Someday tasks group to other days if you don’t want to deal with it today, but, it behaves like tasks so it will move back to today.
  5. The Someday Tasks feature can be turned off from Settings. See Tasks Section.
  6. In case you want to add a task without a date, you can add it directly from the Someday Tasks tab.



  1. The notes screen only shows notes, so you can view them and edit them without getting distracted by events or tasks.iPhone_X_-_notes.jpg
  2. Lists all notes and can be sorted by label or time.
    • Label view - notes are grouped based on their label. You can select a label for each note under its properties tab. For more details see Notes.
    • Time view -  notes are grouped based on their due date


Notifications Center


  1. Shows all pending reminders and notifications including past due reminders and pending invitations for shared tasks and meetings.
  2. Reminders: the Notification Center lists all tasks and notes with overdue reminders. By tapping on those tasks on the Notification center, you are able to do the following:
    1. Snooze - choose how much time you want to snooze the reminder.
    2. Complete - complete the task.
    3. Review - open a review screen to see more details about the task.
  3. Meeting Invitations: whenever an invite is accepted, it will be listed on the Notification Center. By tapping on an invite, you will be offered three options:
    1. Accept
    2. Decline
    3. Maybe
  4. Shared tasks: tasks that were shared with you are first listed under the Notification Center. By tapping on those notifications you are able to do the following:
    1. Accept - confirm the shared tasks and add it to the main screen
    2. Decline - remove the shared tasks without adding it to the main screen
    3. Review - see more details about the task.

For more details about sharing tasks see Sharing tasks.


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