Initial Setup


Registration is available after you download the app and when you access different features that require an active account.

There are multiple benefits to having an account:

  • Backup your tasks and notes on your account so they are available in case your device is damaged or lost.
  • Having an account allows you to share tasks with other people and to send meeting invitations.
  • Sync your tasks and notes between all your devices.


Syncing with local apps:

As part of the initial setup, 24me allows you to sync with several apps available on your device. This allows 24me to offer more advanced features to help manage your time.


To work with 24me, you should establish full sync with the calendar on the device. Still, 24me can act completely separately from the Apple Calendar app. This can be achieved by hiding unneeded calendar account from Settings. For more details see Calendar.

Push Notifications

Required in order to get reminders about tasks and events and also to allow real time sync between your devices.


Connecting to your contacts allows 24me to share tasks and meetings and to add smart tasks such as call or email tasks linked to a contact.


Required to integrate weather and traffic info.


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