Main Screens and Items

Here is a chart of the main screens:

  1. Calendar
  2. Tasks
  3. Notes
  4. Menu


24me is designed to manage 3 main item types:

  1. Events - things you need to attend at a certain place and time
  2. Tasks - thing you need to do
  3. Notes - things you need to remember


24me has four main screens. The calendar, which is the main screen of the app, merges all your events, tasks and notes into a single view. The tasks screen and the notes screen are dedicated to tasks and notes respectively, and the notifications center shows pending notifications such as tasks that have past due reminders.


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    Yoni S.Hamenahem

    אין אני פותח את זה אחרי שעשיתי מה שביקשתם ?

    Answer: מה אתה מנסה לפתוח?

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