Features included in 24me Premium

    1. Calendar gallery - present your own photos on your calendar (List view) to make it more personal. See Calendar Gallery.
    2. Customized label colors - add colors to your labels which are used on the main screen for better management of tasks.
    3. Font customization - choose different font and size types to make it the best fit for you. Configurable under General Section.
    4. Nag Alerts - set Nag alerts on specific tasks to have 24me continuously remind you until you confirm. See Properties unique for Tasks and Notes.
    5. Creating tasks from emails - turn your email into tasks. See Email to Task (Premium feature).
    6. Password lock - lock 24me against strangers. Only you will be able to open the app. This will prevent anyone else from accessing your personal information. This option is accessible from Settings - General Section.
    7. Notification sounds package - Choose from additional premium sounds for the notification sound 24me will use. This feature is accessible from Settings - General Section.
    8. Priority support - receive priority support from the 24me support team.
    9. Time zone support - choose which time zone to use when setting a meeting. See Time Tab for more information.
    10. Duplicate calendar events - create duplicated instances of events based on an existing one. See Item Properties screens for more details.


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    Tom Galusha

    I have the Premium version and the following does not work.

    custom label colors - wrote support and was advised “That’s all we got”

    Traffic and Weather alerts don’t work - support advised “doesn’t work everywhere”

    Pictures added to Task or Notes don’t sync - support “they haven’t added that feature” Really syncing hasn’t been added for that?

    is it just me or do others have the same problems?

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